Egypt Pyramid
Egypt Pyramid

Before getting to know where to look for cheap flight ticket to Egypt , we will take a glimpse of Egypt’s famous destinations.

Egypt : Find cheap flight ticket to Egypt

As you know, the most famous pyramids are the Egyptian pyramids — huge structures built of brick or stone, some of which are among the world’s largest constructions. They are shaped as a reference to the rays of the sun.

Most pyramids had a polished, highly reflective white limestone surface, to give them a shining appearance when viewed from a distance. The capstone was usually made of hard stone – granite or basalt – and could be plated with gold, silver, or electrum and would also be highly reflective.

Pyramids in Egypt
Pyramids in Egypt

So we all have dream of at least going to see the famous pyramids once in our life, but airline ticket prices vary considerably day to day, from airline to airline. Ticket prices sometimes vary so much that some people claim no two seats on the flight cost the same amount unless they are purchased together.

Rather than leaving the price of your tickets up to chance and poor planning, use these strategic tips to get the upper hand on your flight purchase. With a few helpful tidbits in finding cheap flight ticket to Egypt , you could save hundreds or thousands on your travel to this beautiful country.

So this is list of budget airlines in Egypt. Have fun in finding your cheap flight ticket to Egypt.

1. Air Arabia Egypt


Firstly , Air Arabia Egypt is a low-cost carrier based in Egypt. The airline is a joint venture between the Egyptian travel and tourism company, Travco Group, and Air Arabia. The head office is in King Mariout in Alexandria.


Headquarters: Egypt
Founded: September 9, 2009
Operating bases: Borg El Arab Airport
Fleet size: 3
Parent organization: Air Arabia, Travco Group

2. Nile Air


Secondly , Nile Air is an Egyptian airline based at Cairo International Airport that operates scheduled services to destinations in Egypt and the Middle East.
Headquarters: Cairo, Egypt
Founded: 2008
Hubs: Cairo International Airport
Fleet size: 4
Secondary hubs: Borg El Arab Airport

3. Air Cairo


Thirdly, Air Cairo is a low fare airline based in Cairo, Egypt. The airline is the low fare subsidiary of EgyptAir which operates scheduled flights to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan in the middle east, and inclusive tour flights to Egypt from Europe.
Headquarters: Cairo, Egypt
Founded: 2003
Hubs: Cairo International Airport
Alliance: EgyptAir
Fleet: 5
Parent organization: EgyptAir

Hopefully you can find the cheap flight ticket to Egypt that you want, and enjoy exploring this amazing country.
The list is still being updated …
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