Mongolian Visa
Mongolian Visa

Mongolian Consulate in Busan, Korea

A lot of people don’t know how to find Mongolian Consulate in Busan because this consulate is still new to them. This article will show you where to apply Mongolian Visa in Busan ,Korea.

Mongolian Visa

Visa is a document which allows foreign citizen to travel into a specific country and stay there for a set period of time. Generally, a visa is issued at the Consulate of the country or, in some cases, at the border. Mongolian visa is glued directly into the passport as photo is shown below.

Mongolian Visa
Mongolian Visa

Mongolia has reciprocal agreements with certain countries that waive visa requirements. It is important to research visa requirements before traveling internationally to avoid any issues with border control officials and airlines. If a destination country requires a visa and the traveler does not have it in his/her passport, the airline may refuse to board this person on the plane.

Visa waiver

Mongolian visa is not required for the citizens of below listed foreign countries and regions to visit Mongolia on basis of the passport type, purpose and duration of the visit in accordance with the Bilateral Agreement of Mongolia with those countries. Please see the below list to check out your eligibility for non visa regime. So all the other citizens of foreign countries that not listed below are required to obtain appropriate visa to visit Mongolia.

No Country Diplomatic and Official passport holders Ordinary passport holders
1 USA Not required for up to 90 days or multiple entry-exit visa is required for duration of 2-10 years
2 China Not required Required
3 Malaysia Not required for up to 30 days
4 Israel
5 Cuba
6 Thailand
7 Philippines Not required for up to 21 days
8 Singapore Not required for up to 14 days
9 Hong Kong
10 Macao Not required for up to 90 days
11 Kazakhstan
12 Azerbaijan
13 Turkmenistan
14 Ukraine
15 Georgia
16 Belarus
17 Kirgizstan
18 Moldavia
19 Tajikistan
20 Russia Not required for up to 90 days Required
21 India
22 Vietnam
23 Czech
24 Slovakia
25 Brazil
26 Yugoslavia
27 Mexico
28 Chile
29 North Korea
30 Laos Not required for up to 30 days
31 Turkey Not required for up to 30 days Required
32 South Korea
33 Bulgaria
34 Romania
35 Hungary
36 Indonesia Not required for up to 14 days

Where to apply Mongolian Visa in South Korea?

Embassy in Seoul
Ambassador Ms. D.Gerel
Embassy of Mongolia
33-5 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
140-210, Republic of Korea
Tel: 82-2-794-1350

If you’re staying near Busan, here is where to apply Mongolian Visa in Busan:

Access Mongolian Consulate services  here in Busan

The Busan Mongolia Honorary Consulate is now up and running in the Shindong Building (신동빌딩) located in Dong District, Choryang 3-dong. The honorary consulate – the first or its kind in Korea – occupies room No. 604 of the building and has one intern diplomat to handle local affairs.


Mongolian Consulate in Busan
Mongolian Consulate in Busan

The Shindong Building is just next to Choryang Station (exit 5) where is on the line no.3 of Busan Metro. Once you get to Shindong Building, try to find room no. 604, the Mongolian Consulate is right there

Besides, you can get contact to them with this phone number: (+82) 1051-465-9996

The facility opened on Oct. 23th 2014 with a celebration that drew Gerel Dorjpalam – the Mongolian ambassador to Seoul – and Vice Mayor for Economic Affairs Lee Ki-woo, among other officials.

Locals no longer have to visit Seoul to obtain Mongolian visas and handle related issues, as they can now visit the honorary consulate instead of the official embassy. The Mongolian consulate in Busan also offers other information provided by the Mongolian government.

“Every year in Korea, about 45,000 to 50,000 people have to visit Seoul in order to get visas,” said Park Jong-jin of the honorary consulate. “Citizens in Busan will now be able to apply for visas more conveniently.”.

Mongolia visa requirements and fees

No Type Visa fee Service charge Urgent service fee
1 Single entry-exit visa $53
2 Multi entry-exit visa 6 months $68 $5 $65
1 year $133 $5 $130
3 Transit visa Single $15 $15
Double $30 $30
Multi $50 $50

The following materials are required to obtain the Mongolian visa:

1. Invitation from Mongolia
2. Passport with a validity date at least six months beyond the end of the applications intended period of stay in Mongolia
3. Completed visa Application Form for Tourists with one passport size photo
4. Visa fee
5. Transit visa processing requires visa for next destination, copy of onward ticket

Mongolia Visa Invitation

The following entity residing in Mongolia and having legal priority gains the right to invite foreign citizens to Mongolia under the provision of related regulation. The entity shall be;

– the Mongolian citizen
– foreign citizen with permanent permission for official purposes
– foreign citizen with permanent permission for private purposes
– permanent foreign resident
– stateless residing in Mongolia

the Mongolian citizen , permanent foreign resident or stateless resided in Mongolia are permitted to invite up to 3 foreign citizens a year , foreign citizen with permanent permission for official or private purposes are permitted to invite only own family members, parents , children and relatives .
The invited foreign citizen or stateless is permitted to arrive to Mongolia only twice a year and on every arrival shall pass the border by visa permitted through an invitation provided by inviter.
Business entities , organizations and citizens inviting foreign citizens for a certain period of their stay shall do so in accordance with the legislation of Mongolia and shall be responsible for guests safety and depart them within visa duration, too.

Citizens requested to obtain a visa for foreign citizens shall bring the one’s identification document / for Mongolian citizen / , valid passport / for foreign citizen / residence permission / for stateless person / with an identification document or copy of valid passport and address of permitted residence of foreign citizen whom he/ she would like to invite to one of the organizations mattered above.

In addition, each person invitation fee is 10.000 tg.

About permanent residents on private purposes , permanent residents, immigrants and stateless ones

Immigrant is a foreigner came to reside in Mongolia for more than 5 years on private purposes.
Stateless one is a foreigner married Mongolian citizen and resided in Mongolia for more than 90days.
Permanent resider on private purposes is a foreign citizen residing in Mongolia 90 days to 5 years.
Foreign citizen or stateless for requesting on permissions for permanent residence on private purposes permanent residence or for immigration shall fill an application form after going through the following formalities;
a. Request letter
b. 2 generation resume of a requester
c. Educational or professional certificates, notarized copy of diploma
d. Recommendation letter of non – crime suspect / if foreign national resides in this country also recommendation from unit, housing area administrations and police office is required /
e. Recommendation letter from hospital proved the one is not infected by AIDS, other infectional sicknesses , also sexual transmitted disease
f. 5 recent photos sized 4*6
g. If have a family member notarized copies of marriage certificate and birth certificates of children birth must show.

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