Beach sunset outside Dili - Reasons to visit East Timor
Beach sunset outside Dili - Reasons to visit East Timor

5 reasons to visit East Timor

East Timor, additionally called Timor-Leste,  isn’t a preferred destination — however it ought to be. Here are the reasons to visit East Timor.
Diving, whale-watching, trekking, biking, nice scenery, beautiful mountain driving, and exquisite white-sand beaches. Timor is one amongst the world’s unsung business enterprise destinations. Traveler numbers are low compared with alternative places within the region, maybe suspend by the country’s politically-unsettled and impoverished image, that contributes to a scarcity of flights into the country, that successively drives costs up and inhibits traveler numbers, that successively keeps flight costs high, that successively… you get the idea.

Beach sunset outside Dili (Photo: Simon Roughneen)- The reasons to visit East Timor

Beach sunset outside Dili (Photo: Simon Roughneen)

But slowly, guests are recognizing the charm of the place. National Tourism director José Quintas says guests exaggerated from thirty seven thousand in 2008 to eighty five thousand people in 2010. Therefore if you wish to undertake one thing new nevertheless still relish the standard sun, ocean associated sand with an courageous twist, Asia’s “newest nation” is well price a glance.

1. Spectacular diving

Diving near Tibar

Diving near Tibar (Photo: Simon Roughneen)

“Oh Timor dumps all over Thailand for diving,” says Greg Duncan, dive educator and boat skipper at Dive Timor Lorosae. He ought to recognize, when antecedently operating for 2 years on Ko Tao, a diving hub in southern thailand. “Many places within the region — off Australia, Malaysia— are over-dived,” he says. “Not here.” On a sunny Sunday morning I would be a part of Greg and a team of seven divers on a sea trip to a brand new site shortly from the capital. “These guys are nearly definitely the first individuals ever to dive down there,” claims Duncan.

Throughout a 40-minute dive the cluster sees tiny sharks, tuna, turtles, mackerel and spiny-finned fish — right along a submerged ridge running off the coast close to  Tibar. Another sensible dive spot is  Atauro Island, twenty kilometers by boat from Dili harbor. On the way you may see schools of dolphins fishing within the water or athletics aboard the water-taxi, whereas the October-November time sees whales off the coast, notably humpbacks and typically gamete whales. There are a lot of places to travel, however, each east and west of Dili, with untouched coral reefs to explore.

2. Beaches you can call your own

Areia Branca beach near Dili (Photo: Simon Roughneen)

Areia Branca beach near Dili (Photo: Simon Roughneen)

The jewel within the country’s crown is Jaco Island, the easternmost point in Timor, a six-hour drive from Dili through inexperienced green hills and winding, elevated coastal roads dominating steep drops to the blue water below. There are lots of white-sand beaches near the capital too, notably Areia Branca ( which means “white sands” in Portuguese) and Dollar Beach.

Unusually for East Timor, these beaches can get jam-pawncked  at weekends, however there are several alternative pristine beaches east and west of Dili that are typically empty. You wish to bring provides if visiting a quieter beach, and if you’re not feeling very Alexander Selkirk, Areia Branca has lots of bars and restaurants close to the water, therefore you’ll be able to dine on cannon fodder washed down with a brew or fresh coconut, right after a swim or a cycle The south coast is risky, however, with associate abundance of huge brine crocodiles which means that the great surf there ought to be avoided.

3. Unseen scenery

Driving to Baucau, take time to stop and admire the view (Photo: Simon Roughneen)

Much of the country is mountainous, providing attractive scenery however requiring careful driving up winding roads. Mount Ramelau is East Timor’s highest place at 9721 feet, and could be a fairly straightforward three-hour hike to the highest after the same drive-time from Dili.

Timor-Leste’s roads can be an adventure unto themselves.  (Photo: Simon Roughneen)

Take it slow, though, and relax at the pousada in Maubisse. The coast drive from Dili to second town Baucau is well well worth the trip for the scenery alone. Do that, stay overnight in Baucau, near a lot of nice beaches, then keep it up eastward to Com and Jaco Island . The roads could be dangerous, with crater-like potholes and fallen bridges, and lots of unsurmountable throughout the rainy time of year running from November-May.

Cyclists take 5 along the coast (Photo: Simon Roughneen)

4. Breath-taking biking

If the driving is just too nightmarish, or expensive — automobile rentals don’t seem to be low cost, beginning at around US$70 per day, part attributable to the incomplete state of the roads and sometimes erratic native driving — then it’s time to urge on your bike. Literally, not metaphorically. You’ll have to be compelled to be work, as there are the steep climbs and vessel temperatures (around thirty C most of the year, although it’s cooler in the middle of night on the mountains). The úpide is that you just can have a lot of chance to require within the views than you would if driving, once vigilance is required. The Timorese roads are typically a challenge for even the foremost strong 4×4, therefore no surprise, then, that the recently-established Tour de Timor island has already non-inheritable the name for being one amongst the world’s most arduous bike races.

5. Calm life and silent nights

East Timor does show that there is such a thing as too laid-back. Taxis usually potter on at 10-15 miles per hour despite empty roads, pushing the mission-(beach) certain among us in danger of associate embolism.

Taking it easy as the sun goes down (Photo: Simon Roughneen)

But this will additionally mean that Timor-Leste is a less crowded, less feverish and fewer settled than the remainder of geographical region, part right down to the country’s troubled past and slow pace of economic development a decade when independence. Hopefully the country will prosper in future, on the rear of over US$7 billion in oil and gas revenues earned in recent years, giving the country ten percent+ economic process figures, bucking the stagnant trends in Western countries. A tip: travel outside Dili and do one or two nights homestay with a Timorese family within the country.

Cristo Rei (Christ the King) statue outside Dili. (Photo: Simon Roughneen)

‘In distinction to Christianity’s ancient region of Europe, wherever churches are currently usually nearly empty, more or less museums, Timor-Leste is associate genuinely spiritual place. Even if you’re not Christian or perhaps Catholic, Sunday Mass in Timor is one amongst the cultural mainstays price seeing, with packed churches. Some Timorese still hold onto their ancient aminism, as well, and picturesque spirit homes are a standard sight in remote and not-so-remote areas – however provide the culture vulture another excuse to urge off the crushed track.

View from Tibar resort

View from Tibar resort, a half-hour drive outside Dili (Photo: Simon Roughneen)

In the hills above Dili, lying 40 km in the distance (Photo: Simon Roughneen)

Outside Baucau’s pousada (Photo: Simon Roughneen)

– Roughneen was in Timor-Leste in August

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